Up2Date 7.502 Released

Up2Date V7.502 has been made available to solidify your Astaro installation. It is currently being distributed via our Up2Date system, and contains some new fixes and improvements. Continue reading for all the details. This release offers an updated version of the SSL VPN client, and we have also changed the HTTP proxy option for handling encrypted zip files to be consistent with other areas of WebAdmin. The checkbox option now says “Block unscannable content” (as it did in versions before 7.501), instead of “Pass unscannable content”. 

Note: The feature remains the same, we've just changed the way the option is presented to the user. Your existing configuration behavior will not be changed; if you are already blocking these files they will stay blocked, if you are not blocking them, they will continue to pass.

Up2Date 7.502

Download Information  

Manual Download: ftp://ftp.astaro.de/pub/ASG/v7/up2date/u2d-sys-7.502.tgz.gpg
Mirror: ftp://ftp.astaro.com/pub/ASG/v7/up2date/u2d-sys-7.502.tgz.gpg
MD5sum: 71848b77d87ede7b4947beb4f3adc811
Size: 106.7MB (111901959 bytes)


  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • System will be rebooted  


  • Improved SSL VPN client
  • Improved loading of news feed display
  • For the new things in ASG 7.5 you can view the Release Notes here


ID [08361] HTTP Proxy not working for VLANs on top of a bridge
ID [11070] All CA's listed in CA authorities will be added as signature
ID [11236] Bridge setup without an IP is not working
ID [11379] Missing fields for WebAdmin settings
ID [11407] For inline PGP encrypted emails only the attachment is decrypted
ID [11411] File downloads via ftphelper may be corrupt
ID [11430] SMTP work queue filled up after fail over which causes delay in delivery
ID [11524] Wrong aua connection count for transparent proxy
ID [11532] Handling of encrypted zip files is inconsistent
ID [11538] HA slaves can not connect to the internet via dynamic interfaces
ID [11544] Default gateway will not be set with SSL VPN client 1.5
ID [11620] DNS resolution problem through SSL VPN connection
ID [11753] Incoming mails with inline PGP encryption can cause problems

Astaro Up2Date technology makes it easy to upgrade your installed Astaro Security Gateway to the latest version. There are two ways to apply an Up2Date package to the system:

  1. Log on to WebAdmin, navigate to Management >> Up2Date >> Overview and use Update to latest version now to install the Firmware Up2Date. Click on the “Watch Up2Date Progress in new window” and an extra browser window will show the progress of the Up2Date installation. (The System administrator will receive a notification email once the Up2Date process has finished.)
  2. Download the Up2Date package from our HTTP or FTP Server and install it under Management >> Up2Date >> Advanced:
     Astaro AxG Up2Date Download Mirrors:
    Astaro US
    Astaro US2
    Astaro Germany
    Astaro Germany2

(All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!)


  • If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the AxG V7 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please take care to add always(!) the version you refer to (e.g. “[7.501] Real Time Bandwidth Monitor “).
  • If you have feedback to our documentation (Online Help) please send it to docu@astaro.com.
  • There is also a demo server to try: http://demo.astaro.com

The Astaro Team


You Can Learn More About the Astaro Internet Security Product Line By Going to www.FirewallShop.com/Astaro.

The original article/video can be found at Up2Date 7.502 Released

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