Small Business should be more worried about cyber-crime

It seems like there is a new headline almost every day describing how some large, well known company suffered a cyber-attack of some kind. Often these stories site the millions of dollars the company lost, or the customer information that was stolen.

These stories make headlines because they are exciting and somewhat shocking – how could a company that large be hacked? – we ask ourselves. However, the articles often leave out an important fact: In most cases, cyber-criminals don't target specific companies because they are large and well recognized; these may simply be the most publicized incidents. This would be way too time consuming. The hacker would have to spend weeks or even months circumventing the organization's firewall and other security solutions. This reduces the amount of return on the attacker's investment (of time and effort).

Instead of dedicating all their time looking for a way into a single specific network, hackers create programs that spread out across the Internet in search of security vulnerabilities. Once a weakness is found, the program exploits it, and then uses that network as a jumping point to infect other networks. If these trolling, malicious programs are able to periodically infect the networks at large companies, imagine how much more often smaller companies (who have less resources) are infected – and we never hear about it?

It is important for small and medium sized companies to secure their network just like large companies. Your security breach might not make headlines, but I am sure it will cause just as many headaches as a larger company's.


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