Spam Is More Than Annoying

Not only is it annoying having to sift through all the garbage which clogs your inbox, but it costs you productivity as you attempt to separate the mails you need from the unwanted items.

Spam rarely ends up in my own inbox due to the effectiveness of the blocking solution I use, (I use a solution from Astaro) but many of the people I speak with daily communicate that in an inbox with 50 messages, 45 or more can easily be spam on a given day.

How obnoxious is it to go through all of your email and delete meaningless message after meaningless message. You have to wonder what these spammers are thinking – they must know that 99% of their messages are going to be deleted or blocked – and what are they trying to sell by randomly emailing people? Well, first of all they don't care that 99% of their emails will be deleted or blocked. Because they send out tens of millions of spam messages at a time if only 1% of the emails get through and accomplishes its goal they consider the distribution a success. That is why spammers use topics currently in the news (like the Swine Flu) to grab the attention of the few people who don't have a spam blocker already in place.

So, what can you do to stop these annoying, and potentially harmful messages from getting into your inbox? Email filtering is just the beginning. Email filtering will only work as a spam blocker if you are indentifying spam properly, and using the right technology for your organization. Astaro published a white paper describing the dangers of spam and effective anti-spam technologies and techniques. To read this white paper visit The Hidden Dangers of Spam.


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