Astaro Security Linux 3.202

Hello everybody,

ASL 3.202 contains improvements and fixes to Version 3. A Up2date package for version 3.201 will be available next week. Thanks to all who sent us problem reports. We hope that our latest release will fulfill all your needs, and we are looking forward to receive your feedback. Please choose your download server for asl-3.202.iso on our homepage.

Astaro Security Linux 3.202 in detail:

asl-3.202.iso : 205711360 bytes : md5sum 9de6a1b5f9ef51e4e30bf22ef12cc03e
asl-3.202.iso.gz : 68946836 bytes : md5sum dd7052037d35d6312b987240b6fc6c59


  • New bind with capabilities wrapper (CERT Advisory CA-2002-19, VU#803539)
  • New SSH utilities for MS Windows in CD directory '/dosutil': winscp and putty
  • New logfile handling while nightly rotating and compressing
  • New SMTP virus scanning and email mimedecoding
  • Changed IPSec menu order in WebAdmin (doesn't change any functionality)
  • Improved import of backup files
  • Improved support for AMI Megaraid controller
  • Improved support for SMC NICs
  • Improved handling of empty username/password (handled as 'noauth') in PPPoE
  • Improved SMTP antispam filtering
  • Improved HA handling via serial connections
  • Improved SOCKS proxy for more then one external interface
  • Improved Gigabit NIC support in WebAdmin
  • Improved WebAdmin performance


(please refer to our know-issues document)
ID100 o 3.200 Rebooting through SSH
ID109 o 3.200 Missing dot in generated DNS zone files
ID126 o 3.200 DHCP client does not work on i586 and similar CPUs
ID127 o 3.200 SMTP Proxy expression filter still enabled w/ disabled proxy
ID138 o 3.200 SOCKS proxy selects wrong outgoing interface
ID139 o 3.200 Wrong order for packetfilter rules when importing 2.xx backup
ID141 o 3.200 Gigabit license option not recognized in WebAdmin
ID144 o 3.200 Wrong order in drop-down boxes
ID155 o 3.200 Only one masquerading entry converted from 2.xx backups
ID161 o 3.200 LSI Logic 53c895a SCSI/RAID controller not recognized
ID165 o 3.200 Restore 2.x backup in 3.2: only one RSA key being converted
ID169 o 3.200 Middleware hangs after bootup
ID170 o 3.200 HA device name may not contain underscores
ID172 o 3.200 Missing service definition NTP-Async
ID175 o 3.200 PPPoE connection may not be restored after provider hangup
ID190 o 3.200 PPPoE: new IP address from ISP will not be set
ID212 o 3.200 Interfaces marked as “down” may not be correcly removed

Private home usage of Astaro Security Linux is free. Just go to our Registration Portal, create an account and request a home use license. Please note that the evaluation download will shut off after 30 days if no license key is entered. The home use license has the functionality of the Office Edition, Virus and Surf Protection can be purchased at a reduced price.

If you have more questions regarding the new licensing, please visit the licensing page on our website or contact us at


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