The Blog is Back!

Happy much belated New Year readers, and welcome back! Regular readers probably noticed that the blog has been down for quite awhile. Early January, we unexpectedly had to take the blog server offline during... Read more »

Use Certificates for HTTPS Content Inspection

This video tutorial explains why a Firebox or XTM device needs a certificate to scan secure website traffic and how to scan secure website traffic. Run time: 8 min, 38 sec. Read more »

Troubleshoot Certificate Authentication Errors

This video tutorial explains how a Firebox or XTM device uses certificates for authentication and how to fix the most common problems users might encounter. Run time: 8 min, 39 sec. Read more »

Getting Started with IPS

This video tutorial defines IPS, explains how to set up and use IPS, and shows how IPS and WatchGuard Dimension work together to keep you informed about threats to your network. Run... Read more »