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10 With A10: 10 Security Predictions for 2018

10 With A10: 10 Security Predictions for 2018In the 1970s, the Amazing Kreskin wowed audiences with his uncanny ability to see the future. Using suggestion, he’d make predictions. While Kreskin would stop short of calling himself a psychic – instead choosing to be considered an entertainer – his predictions often came true.Today, we’re going to […]

Radio Free Security: November 2012 Episode

2012 Security Predictions in Review: Win or Fail? We’re nearing the end of the year, which means the season of holiday decorations, spiked eggnog, and Christmas music blaring in every store and on all the radio stations… It also means the season of annual predictions. Every year, the WatchGuard security analysts and I pull out our crystal balls, tarot cards, and tea leaves, and try to forecast some of the security threats and trends you can expect in the following year.