Radio Free Security: November 2012 Episode

2012 Security Predictions in Review: Win or Fail?

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means the season of holiday decorations, spiked eggnog, and Christmas music blaring in every store and on all the radio stations… It also means the season of annual predictions.

Every year, the WatchGuard security analysts and I pull out our crystal balls, tarot cards, and tea leaves, and try to forecast some of the security threats and trends you can expect in the following year. November’s episode of Radio Free Security (RFS) is the first of our two-part, end-of-the-year security prediction series.

In this first prediction episode, I invite my co-hosts from our regular Security Story of the Month segment to review our 2012 security predictions, and decide how we did. Were WatchGuard’s security predictions on the mark, or were they epic fails? In this episode, we learn the more people invited to weigh in, the harder it is to decide. In any case, whether you’re curious about the accuracy of our previous predictions, or just want a quick review of some of the biggest security incidents of the year, this episode is for you.

Of course, you can probably guess what we’ll cover in the second episode of our two-part series. That’s right! Our 2013 Security predictions. Rather than wait till the end of the month, we’ll post December’s RFS prediction episode in a week or so. That way you’ll have time to check out our new predictions before the year ends. In fact, I’ll share a little secret. You can already check out our 2013 predictions on our web page, but you should still listen in next week to see how the team reacts to a few of the more sensational forecasts.

By the way, for those new to Radio Free Security (RFS), it’s a monthly audio podcast dedicated to spreading knowledge about network and information security, and to keeping busy IT administrators apprised of the latest security threats they face online. If you’re looking for the latest security news and best practice tips, this show is for you.

So grab a steaming cup of holiday cocoa, settle into a plush chair by the fire, and join us for the 2012 prediction review episode of Radio Free Security.

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— Corey Nachreiner, CISSP (@SecAdept)

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