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How-to Deploy Log & Event Manager to Hyper-V™ R2 Server 2008 R2

Download a full-featured, free 30-day trial now: www.solarwinds.com Learn how to deploy SolarWinds LEM virtual appliance software to Hyper-V™. LEM identifies and responds to network threats immediately — before they become a problem. With LEM, you can spot events and take action with true, obtain real-time event correlation, utilize USB defender and active response technology and immediately troubleshoot with visual IT search tools

Effectively Creating Filters and Monitoring Events with SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

In this short video hosted by SolarWinds Education and Certification Specialist Skeeter Pond, you will learn about using Log & Event Manager for real-time monitoring, including the when and how of building filters. For more short videos about Log & Event Manager’s features, visit: www.solarwinds.com