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5 major risks that impact vulnerable network devices

Working from home has become our new normal, with many of our jobs being performed remotely. The experience of working remotely can be as seamless as it was from our workplace, with all the technological advancements available today. Businesses have also put network security on the forefront by implementing use of virtual private networks (VPNs). […]

This Week’s Five: Security Begins At Home

This Week’s Five  is a weekly column of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic every week. This week, we explore  the risks of security breach and importance of data protection  in enterprise networks. Cyber thieves of all kinds have made the lives of the people in charge of data security miserable; except when they get caught.

Now, track “who did what” with USB audit feature

Now, Desktop Central is equipped with USB device auditing feature that helps you to retrieve information about the usage of pen drives, CD’s or any other portable storage devices that might jeopardize company’s information. The significance of USB device audit helps you to monitor devices present in the network. If you can get to access to details such as usage duration, Device instance ID, name of the user, etc.