Now, track “who did what” with USB audit feature

Now, Desktop Central is equipped with USB device auditing feature that helps you to retrieve information about the usage of pen drives, CD’s or any other portable storage devices that might jeopardize company’s information.

The significance of USB device audit helps you to monitor devices present in the network. If you can get to access to details such as usage duration, Device instance ID, name of the user, etc. this can act as an excellent piece of information. Since, having information ahead of the time can save your organization from damages.

If there is a data loss, knowing the type of devices the owner of the device helps you to pinpoint who is responsible for the event/action.

Desktop Central helps you to analyze all sort of significant information related to storage devices that can help you to track the device available in the network. With Desktop you can fetch details such as:

  • Device Name
  • User Name
  • Device Type
  • Usage Duration
  • Device Instance ID
  • Manufacturer, etc. for a complete understanding.

You can choose either summary or a detailed view that enables you to fetch rich information and can be exported to CSV file or PDF report immediately for further analysis.

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