Pre-announcement of ASL V5.100

We are pleased to invite you to test the upcoming public BETA of Astaro Security Linux V5.100


  • Upgrade to SpamAssassin 3.01 with the following powerful extensions:
    + Razor2 (online database spam check)
    + DCC (online database spam check)
    + SURBL (spam realtime blocklist)
  • Backend bugfixes for backup converter/licensing/logging/reporting
  • Overall system performance increase

New Features

  • Additional features for better junk mail control:
    + Greylisting (Advanced spam blocking method)
    + BATV reverse path signing (Block virus and spam backscatter)
    + Checking SPF records (Joe-Job/Phishing protection)
  • SNMP trap support
  • Bandwidth monitoring capabilities with notifications if bandwidth usage exceeds/below defined percentage
  • Improved Proxy Content Manager
  • Daily proxy content manager digest sent by email for every user

We are planning to publish the public BETA ISO image on Friday, November 19th, on our download servers and mirros. It will be announced here. We do not recommend to use the BETA on larger production servers (even if we already use it to filter our own mail – and it works great)

The public BETA ISO image will carry the version number 5.050. We will neither provide a Up2Date package to upgrade your existing V5 to this BETA release nor will we publish an Up2Date Package to upgrade from the pubic BETA to the final ASL V5.100.

Backup files from ASL V5.027 will work on the public BETA, backup files from the public BETA will work on the final V5.100.


This upgrade does not need a new license or a special license. Any ASL V5 license can be used.


Looking forward to receiving your feedback next week!


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