New Astaro Feature Request Site

Astaro has long been quite vocal about how our products are developed. We want to build products that solve problems. Products that people want to buy. One of the projects we've been working on is a new, openly visible community where your ideas, feature requests, tweaks, and other changes can be posted, viewed, commented on, and given weight by others.

We are pleased to announce that is now live. Whether you are an Astaro home user, customer, partner, distributor, or have yet to upgrade to Astaro from another product and improved your company with our solution, we welcome your feedback and ideas!

How Does the New System Work?

After a quick registration, (you may also use your OpenID such as from Google Mail or Facebook), you will be assigned a number of “votes”. These votes can then be used to create new feature requests. As you are entering new requests, keep an eye out for the “suggestions” which will appear that help you avoid posting duplicates. Alternatively, you may use your votes to stamp your approval on existing feature requests. This works to add more significance/weight to an existing entry when they are reviewed by our product management team. You will receive a status report from the system which will automatically keep you informed about features which are relevant to you. Your voting points will be returned as features are accepted and implemented.

Why is this Approach Beneficial?

This process allows us an improved insight into what features are greatly desired by our audience and enables us to continue developing the product with you in mind.

Where Do I Access this System?

Already have something on your mind? No matter how large or small, we want to hear it! You may access the beta version of the new site here: We have done our best to implement the most significant entries from the old database. If one of your entries does not appear in the search results and you feel that it was of value, please don't hesitate to add it in today.

Help us support our product improvement initiative by spreading the word to your colleagues and friends!

With kind regards,
Your Astaro Team


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