Known Issue – Initial bootup after 7.400 installation may take longer than expected

Dear Customers and Partners, after the release of 7.400 we have receive lots of positive feedback from customers who love the new functionality. Besides all the good news our support teams have identified a potential issue on bigger installations.

After the successful installation of 7.400, the system needs to upgrade the reporting database during the next boot up. This process can take from few minutes up to two hours, during this process the system is not fully operational. The Duration of the upgrade procedure is directly dependent on the database size, which is larger on bigger systems. A customer with a 50GB reporting database needed 2 hours for the upgrade process.

Please do not power down or restart the system during this process as in worst case it can cause data loss through database corruption and it will not speed up this process. If you have a system in that state, please just be patient, the system will boot up properly after the database upgrade has been finished In order to minimize the downtime cause by this, we suggest to schedule the installation to non-business hours. If you want to accelerate this process you can reduce the size of your database by deleting older entries.

In order to do so, you need to change the Reporting Settings in WebAdmin > Reporting > Settings > Settings > Reporting Settings. There you can disable reports you don't need as well as lower the duration how long reporting data is retained. The smaller you configure the duration, the less data will be in the database and the faster the upgrade process will be finished.

After making changes to these settings, you have to wait at least 12-18 hours, as the database maintenance process runs twice a day, which than will do the reduction of the database size. During this process, the system is fully operational. If you have further question, please don't hesitate to contact your Astaro Partner or us directly.

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