Announcing 7.400 General Availability Release!

After a hugely successful BETA program spanning several months and including thousands of comments and feedback, Astaro is proud to today release our Version 7.400, making it Generally Available for all Astaro Security, Mail, and Web Gateway Products.

This release brings new features which will enhance the functionality and capabilities of your AxG installation. Most notably are the introduction of full WAN Link Balancing, HTTPS Filtering, Site-to-Site SSL VPN, and Cisco IPSec Client Support, along with dozens of other exciting new features.

*A special thanks to our many BETA testers for your feedback! It allows us to deliver you the best possible product. We will shortly announce the winners and resulting BETA program giveways.

For the details of this release, along with links to download and documentation, please read further… As this is an extensive release, I'd invite you to carefully review the following post, as it has a lot of useful information that both inform you, and answer potential questions.

What's new in V7.400?

The following new major features are being introduced:

HTTPS Filtering

  • Scan and Filter HTTPS Content
  • Block programs that use HTTPS to circumvent/tunnel around the proxy filters

WAN Link Balancing

  • Make full use of multiple Internet connections
  • Automatically balance traffic and/or…
  • Optionally, create detailed rules for which traffic should use which gateway
  • Automatically fail-over across prioritized connections when needed
  • Balance and use more than just two connections

Site-to-Site SSL VPN

  • Extends our popular roadwarrior offering to Site-Site applications
  • Setup in seconds with easy config download/import
  • Full IP-Access allows for true alternative to IPSEC-based VPN's

Customizable URL Filtering Groups

  • It is now possible to create and delete URL filtering groups
  • Category selection box has been improved

PDF & CSV Report Support

  • The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly executive reports can be generated as PDF
  • Most reports can now be exported/saved in these popular formats
  • It is possible to now receive various reports in these formats via Email

New AV Engine

  • New Avira engine replaces outgoing Authentium
  • Clam AV still used as 2nd engine offering

Availability Network Groups

  • Creates ordered group of network resources, accessed in sequence when the first resource is unavailable.
  • Useful for many areas of configuration to introduce redundancy
  • Create redundancy in VPN Gateway Targets
  • Specify fallback server(s) for Directory Authentication

User Object Toggle

  • It is now possible to disable User-Objects vs. deleting them
  • Disabled objects will display an inactive icon and be grayed out in selection areas and lists

Cisco(tm) IPSEC Client Support

  • You can now create tunnels to AxG Devices using this client
  • Mobile devices (such as IPhone) and their VPN options are also now extended via this feature


  • The “Test-User” Authentication tool will now report the group(s) the user is part of
  • Historial Executive Reports are now available
  • Reports can now be anonymized to address privacy/corporate/legal requirements
  • DynDNS now supports multiple interfaces
  • DynDNS is now compatible with Upstream NAT/Masq.
  • WebAdmin will now display DynDNS Status
  • Visit the UserPortal via iPhone for specialized download for this device
  • Improved the experience of Up2Date Notification and Progress for the Administrator

Release Notes
Besides the new functionality and features, V7.4 includes dozens of minor updates and tweaks that improve usability, polish WebAdmin, fix bugs, and increase performance and throughput of various systems. A detailed description of the new features, changes, system requirements as well as installation and upgrade information is included within the AxG V7.4 Release Notes.

Up2Date Package Information

  • Existing configuration will not be changed
  • System will be rebooted
  • Database will be extended on next bootup (may take some minutes)


  • Added HTTPS filtering to HTTP Proxy
  • Added full transparent mode to HTTP Proxy
  • Added support for WAN uplink balancing
  • Added support for ACC 2.0 (VPN configuration)
  • Added support SSL Site-to-Site VPN
  • Added support for creating PDF and CSV reports
  • Added support for availability network groups
  • Added german and french translation to WebAdmin
  • Replaced Authentium AV scanner by Avira
  • Improved HA/Cluster syncronisation
  • Improved Intrusion Protection rule handling
  • Improved IPsec stability and performance
  • Improved Up2Date progress


Fix [5474]: No progressbar for UPS is shown in WebAdmin
Fix [5997]: Users may use HTTP Proxy even if not explicitly allowed
Fix [6620]: QoS rules are not applied to backup interface when using UFO
Fix [8317]: USV support is not working properly
Fix [8626]: DHCP fails to start on state toggle in WebAdmin
Fix [8875]: Active Directory Browser makes no sense when groups should be used in HTTP-Proxy
Fix [9239]: End users can't release spam on HA systems after a power outage
Fix [9249]: External SMTP server for notifications not used after a reboot
Fix [9278]: klips error by transmit big traffic through the ipsec tunnel
Fix [9374]: DKIM signature will not be added in some cases
Fix [9449]: Problem accessing internal servers via HTTP Proxy on cluster nodes
Fix [9617]: usernames which contains german umlauts cannot be authenticated via AD SSO (NTLM)
Fix [9914]: HTTP Proxy erroneously sets keep alive for some requests

7.400 Download & Important Install Information – Please read the following carefully!

The Astaro Up2Date technology makes it easy to upgrade your installation to the latest version. The moment your device obtains a download slot, the Up2Date will be automatically downloaded, verified, and made available for installation. Depending on your location and bandwidth, this could take up to 72 hours from initial launch due to the size and scale of this release.

It is NOT necessary to do anything in order to obtain 7.400, however if you are excited to install the new release ASAP, there are two ways to manually download an Up2Date package for the system so it can be imported to WebAdmin and applied.

New ISO's are also being made available for Software, Appliances, and the Astaro Smart Installer.

Up2Date Package 7.400  – Up2Date works for ALL products (AxG software/hardware/virtual appliance)

7.306-7.400 Server:

  • Size: 247009254 bytes
  • Md5sum: 5f8fd4be2c8c740bc7400d808f5a2bc6

7.395 BETA-7.400 Server:

  • Size: 11341359 bytes
  • Md5sum: c7e79f0a03a786499ecff45d06b6495f

Astaro Security Gateway 7.400 Images

Software appliance (ASG)  ISO image
Size: 462767275 bytes
Md5sum: 54e1600e6238ce7e79f3c7ea51484108

VMware Image (Server/Player/Workstation)
Size: 1011126099 bytes
Md5sum: 55b3d3bcb7a061ed4b8c6ede8c689c30

VMware Image (ESX Server)
Size: 1033515497 bytes
Md5sum: 10fecbc83e43244604d9c582fae8eb6b

Hardware Appliance Image (SSI) ISO image
Size: 533686272 bytes
Md5sum: 745a3e0c58ff6450cfc78f836239fb12

Astaro Smart Installer (ASI) USB image
Size: 478922617 bytes
Md5sum: 210395f1cc9c0b0def55e66514e7f77a

Astaro Web Gateway 7.400 Images

Software appliance (AWG) *NEW* ISO image
Size: 472279040 bytes
Md5sum: 2a6d0e75a39dbe5e6bc8b2bd3b44006a

Astaro Smart Installer (ASI) USB image
Size: 434757852 bytes
Md5sum: efdfeccc8a9fe957be537b41596a0309

VMware Image (Server/Player/Workstation)
Size: 963509938 bytes
Md5sum: f109029bbb91db1408342cb0bc4c692e

VMware Image (ESX Server)
Size: 981035784 bytes
Md5sum: 1f49259f37d375c22334d4b2f7e460d1

Hardware Appliance Image (SWI) ISO image
Size: 484861952 bytes
Md5sum: cc375dc0e96480d6284fee3497da85b0

Astaro Smart Installer (ASI) USB image
Size: 441306517
Md5sum: 88a2f5c9fa3bda19bd0a870c4ae9596f bytes

Astaro Mail Gateway 7.400

Software appliance (AMG) *NEW* ISO image
Size: 476440576 bytes Md5sum: c29b64e1ecd254223f3ea10355b005aa

Astaro Smart Installer USB image
Size: 438284586 bytes
Md5sum: 05899435834e8ddb3943ee7bfe88cd9a

VMware Image (Server/Player/Workstation)
Size: 960385330 bytes
Md5sum: 9fac7d6551255259c9c7596ba10114b8

VMware Image (ESX Server)
Size: 982203217 bytes
Md5sum: d9f9e8305b724d7753a80c48565e3a42

Hardware Appliance (SMI) ISO image
Size: 489023488 bytes
Md5sum: 647e3727736bb4479b3c611abdcf49ba

Astaro Smart Installer USB image
Size: 444152172 bytes
Md5sum: 890eddefa4d312b414a8c38037616ed6

A note about some FTP cleanup: The redundant directories below will be removed shortly. – – In addition there are 3 new tools/shortcuts for debugging available: – 'atop' is an advanced interactive monitor for viewing load on system and process level – 'psg' is a small function which greps in the ps axf output for the arguments specified – 'version' gives a neat overview about the current system version and type

Additional Mirrors Information (Manual Directory Navigation)
HTTP: – Astaro USAstaro US2 FTP: – Astaro USAstaro US2

The Astaro Security Gateway Administration Guide, a hardware compatibility list and a Known Issues List for the GA release are available on our knowledge base .

A Word About Memory Upgrades
As mentioned previously, ASG 110/120, 220, and 320 appliances can take advantage of our recently released RAM upgrade options, which will give more life and performance out of your investment. While upgrading is NOT required or enforced in order to install and operate Version 7.400, some appliances depending on their current usage may get significant benefits by taking advantage of this offer. For more information on available upgrades, please contact your Astaro Partner, Distributor, or Sales Contact. We have also made available a serial number submission page to assist you, which will quickly analyze the number of your unit(s) and inform you of the upgrade options.

If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the V7 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please take care to add always(!) the version you refer to (e.g. “[7.400] Quarantine Report “). If you have feedback to our documentation (Online Help) please send it to There is also a demo server that showcases all the new awesomeness: All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! Enjoy the new things!

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