BETA 7.385 Up2Date Released

In continuing our BETA program of the upcoming 7.400 release, we have today issued a new Beta Version 7.385 for your testing, based on your feedback. Please read on for details of this release. Due to the excellent feedback and reports from our Beta testing community, we have had the opportunity to verify your results and further tune this release. This Beta Up2Date contains fixes in almost every area, with major adjustments, fixes, and polish for the HTTPS filtering, WAN link balancing, and both single and cluster installations with large database sizes.

Participate in the Beta Program
With Beta V7.385, we move closer to a release version and wish to re-state that we appreciate all existing testers, and those that will take this opportunity to join us in testing our latest technology and feature offerings. Your feedback is important to us, and we'll reward testers with a chance at Amazon Gift Certificates, special 25 IP home-user licenses, and of course the opportunity to contribute to 7.400's success. Beta V7.385 is available as an Up2date for existing Beta testers, however see our previous postings for how to Up2Date from Version 7.305 to 7.380 to begin testing without the need to install from a dedicated Beta ISO image. (These are however available for your Astaro software or hardware appliance.)

Download Information
Download via our main FTP site or any of our mirrors such as 7.385 (Up2Date for all Existing Beta Testers) ———— MD5sum: 28c8967bb79d84025a2af9dfcabd46aa Size: 116423658 bytes (approximately 106MB)

V7.400 Beta Program Details
For full details about the 7.400 Beta, please see our initial announcement here, and we'd like to encourage all testers to report their experiences at our Beta Forums.

An Important Word about BETA Releases
While we realize many features of the upcoming 7.400 are things you may be eagerly awaiting, and we do love to have as many users and installations as possible testing and providing feedback, in environments where uptime is crucial, note that Beta releases can contain severe bugs and otherwise cause operational concerns, and are not indicators of the final quality and stability of a General release. All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! Your Astaro R&D team


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