Astaro Security Linux 4.016 (new V4 ISO)

This is the third V4 ISO: asl-4.016.
It includes the released V4-Up2Dates 4.001-4.015 and some new features and bugfixes. An Up2Date 4.016 for Astaro Security Linux Version 4.015 will be released within next 20 days.


  • This new ISO adds a new 30days trial license with all features enabled.


  • New kernel for supporting new hardware
  • Extended PCMCIA card support (Prism 2/2.5/3) for WLAN
  • Added more ACPI functions – ASL will power off after a shutdown
  • Added DMA support for speeding up newer harddisks


(please refer to the known issue list on
ID690 Only Prism 2 PCMCIA cards supported
ID676 LDAP Base DN is deleted when creating a new user
ID672 Forward to postmaster does not work for virus-emails
ID625 DMA mode for harddisks not available
ID603 PPTP sessions through ASL may fail with error 619
ID598 Incoming PPTP connections may fail


Astaro Security Linux V4 is a free update to all users current in their Up2Date services. 

For pricing information please contact:

To update to V4 please use the backup feature to save your configuration, load the V4 CD and then restore the backup file. All configurations will be transferred, but please review the settings carefully especially if using V3.3 (Beta) backup files.

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Software ist available for free download at our HTTP and FTP server:

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size: 121,719,134 Bytes  
md5sum: b98b63dffb3d65e31b8659561ae21bbf

size: 284,590,080 Bytes
md5sum: 3e1e27739375f6565a9033a7fc766ba5


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