The ABCs of SLAs

Service levels are very critical in a network-dependent
business setup. Large Enterprises have embraced network as their backbone for
all forms of internal and external communication. In this scenario, to ensure
acceptable service levels is no longer the problem statement. Mediocrity has no
place in a competitive environment. It is certainly the time to be better than
the best. So, what is the key to ensure that your service levels are better
than the best? We will let you know.

It is important to understand the factors affecting service
levels to tailor an approach that would ascertain the best class service
levels. Performance is the key reason for adopting a new approach to manage
business. Networks have become an important and inseparable part of the
Enterprise business because of the numerous productivity-related benefits it
offers. But, with poor service levels, the same network could do more damage
than one would imagine. It impacts the very foundation of the business which is
one of the reasons behind the SLA race.

Here is the ABC of effective SLA implementation:

  • Assess
  • Benchmark
  • Correct
The first step to effective implementation is
measurement. Measuring what the current state of SLAs is through quantifiable
metrics like jitter, latency etc. is step one. This is the most critical step
in effective implementation since accuracy is an important factor that comes
in. By measuring the values of the critical factors affecting SLA, the
decisions on enhancements depends on these values. ManageEngine provides
accurate and real-time values of these metrics. 
The next step is to set minimum standards that suit
your organization and nature of business. Benchmarking is a step where targets
are set and that forms the key basis to achieve better levels of performance.
Setting the right SLA goals is very critical to effective implementation of the
best SLAs. The key to setting this goal is again measurement. The reports from
NetFlow Analyzer helps a great deal in this important pre-final step. 
Based on steps 1 and 2, if there is a mismatch
between desired levels and current levels, appropriate corrective measures can
be taken. To validate existing levels and to reach desired levels, correction
is the only step which again relies on the accuracy of existing data. The
NetFlow Analyzer reports again play a vital role in this important final step
by providing you with the key metrics that you need to validate your SLAs. 
Assure the best class service levels in your network by getting your ABCs right with the help of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. 
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