Switch or router crash: How do you get the replacement unit up and running?

Planning for quickly recovering from the impact of unforeseen events is an integral part of planning for business continuity. If you are an administrator managing a large number of network devices, properly planning for disaster recovery is all the more crucial.

Crash of a switch or router in production could potentially cause disruptions in the normal functioning of the network. In some cases, it might bring down the network altogether. In such situations, Network Administrators face the uphill task of getting the replacement unit up and running at the quickest possible time.

If you are managing the configurations manually, replacing the crashed switch or router with a new device will be quite daunting. The device, with factory default settings, will have to be configured to fit into your network environment.

DeviceExpert helps achieve this task with ease. DeviceExpert’s inventory contains the configurations of all the managed devices, properly versioned. Getting the replacement unit up and running is as simple as putting a new device and pushing a particular configuration version from DeviceExpert inventory.

Henk van Achterberg, a DeviceExpert customer in The Netherlands recently explained us how easy it was to achieve this:

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