Manage IT on the go with our incredibly effective mobile apps

Manage IT on the go with our incredibly effective mobile apps

Manage IT on the go with our incredibly effective mobile apps

Even an insignificant network issue can wreck havoc on your IT infrastructure when left unmanaged. This makes it vital that your IT team is alerted instantly whenever an issue arises, so they can troubleshoot it quickly, and ensure network stability.

However, IT teams aren’t sitting at their desks waiting for problems to happen. It’s not uncommon for IT staff to be away from their workstations addressing network issues such as a router failure or a faulty LAN cable. While they’re away, say a network issue that requires immediate attention occurs. Will a team member return to their workstation in time to see and address the issue?

This is where mobile notifications come in handy. To help you keep continuous tabs on your network operations and troubleshoot emerging issues with ease, ManageEngine’s powerful network management solutions offer mobile apps for iOS and Android to help you manage your IT on the go! But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what one user of OpManager’s mobile app had to say:

“Excellent App… Great to have mobile access to all monitored services.” – Rob van Endt

Let’s face it. It’s impractical to expect your IT team to be on-premises every time something goes wrong in your network. Being able to quickly detect your network issues from anywhere is a huge advantage that can greatly increase the efficiency of your IT operations and boost network reliability.

Using ManageEngine’s array of mobile apps and their alerting capabilities, you can keep track of network performance, changes made in your network, application performance, and network behavior metrics.

OpManager: Availability and performance monitoring right from your smartphone

Performance monitoring can easily become a demanding task without the right strategy in place. An insignificant network performance issue can quickly escalate to a major setback for the IT team. Keeping track of your network even when you’re away and being able to escalate emerging network issues instantly to the technician in charge helps you eliminate this risk.

While OpManager comprehensively monitors your servers, routers, and virtual machines on-premises, its mobile app enables visibility into your IT infrastructure from anywhere, so your technicians won’t need to be tied to a desktop to view these metrics anymore.

Here’s how OpManager helped one of our users:

“Push notifications make this a winner! My server is inside the network and I don’t want my phone to have to stay on the VPN. Thanks to push notifications I know super fast when something important happens whether I’m connected or not. Very good! ” – Greg Widener

OPM Mobile App - ManageEngine
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Mobile app highlights

  • Drill down to a device, or access alarms from the dashboard with a tap.
  • Monitor network groups and manage actions.
  • View actionable push notifications to fix network issues in a blink.
  • Search devices across your network, and view the device summary and status in real time.

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Applications Manager: Comprehensive application monitoring on the move

With its out-of-the-box application management features and excellent applications monitoring capabilities, Applications Manager’s mobile app now enables you to stay connected with your network applications — anytime, anywhere.

The ability to monitor health, availability, and performance metrics of applications and servers with timely notifications for critical and warning alarms while on the move helps you and your team boost your application performance with ease.

Cut the cord, and gain total visibility over your application performance metrics and IT infrastructure on the go with Application Manager’s mobile app.

Here’s what one of our users had to say:

“This version very very help us to infrastructure monitoring anywhere from mobile devices “– Maulana Noor

APM - ManageEngine
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Mobile app highlights

  • Get an overview of the health, availability, and performance status of your apps and servers.
  • Get timely notifications for critical and warning alarms.
  • Get real-time push notifications about app availability and health problems.
  • View downtime info for apps and servers.
  • Track outages instantly, and ensure minimal resolution time.

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NetFlow Analyzer: Making network traffic monitoring fast and easy

With NetFlow Analyzer offering an extensive view of your network devices, routers, interfaces, and applications, you can diagnose and address issues quickly. With the mobile app, you can avoid network issues like bandwidth exploitation and unusual traffic flows by monitoring, analyzing, and streamlining network traffic, even while away from your desktop.

Using the app, you and your team can now access, manage, and visualize data, and keep tabs on your devices along with LAN and WAN traffic while away from your workplace. You can also keep track of all the top applications, users, and conversations, and get an overview of the network’s traffic flow and bandwidth usage.

Here’s what one of our users said in a review:

“Works like a charm. Very useful app. Works as intended on the newer version that I use. I wish this app came out a little while ago” – Mheadsywj Gsueiehdb


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Mobile app highlights

  • Get an overview of the top applications, users, and conversations in your network.
  • Get alerts for network device availability, performance, downtime, and traffic spikes.
  • View, clear, and acknowledge alarms and events that are raised.
  • View IN and OUT traffic by devices, interfaces, and IP groups.

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Network Configuration Manager: Remote configuration management just got better

Providing real-time insights into your network configurations and enabling you to instantly detect configuration changes remotely helps you reduce the time it takes to manage network changes and errors. Network Configuration Manager’s iPhone app pulls insights on configuration changes, compliance, user activity, and alarms, allowing you to manage network configurations on the move.

NCM ManageEngine
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Mobile app highlights

  • Get an at-a-glance summary of the status of your entire network.
  • View complete inventory information.
  • View all available device configurations.
  • Compare the running configuration with the startup or baseline configuration.

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OpUtils: Managing and troubleshooting your IP resources were never this easy

Packed with more than 30 built-in tools for network monitoring and troubleshooting, OpUtils’ mobile app brings IP address management and switch port mapping right to your smartphone.

Keeping tabs on your network resources helps you ensure network availability without running into resource outages and effectively troubleshoot network issues such as over or underutilized IP resources.

You can easily view performance metrics and keep track of resource utilization without being stuck at your desk. Integrating with your on-premises deployment, the mobile app displays your network resources’ performance metrics and alarms, and features popular network tools for effective troubleshooting.

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Mobile app highlights

  • Access subnet-specific insights, and get an overview of subnet utilization and availability.
  • Get an overview of your network’s performance metrics with dashboard widgets and Top N lists.
  • View threshold-based alarms and their cause based on the time and severity.
  • Access in-app network tools like ping for remote network diagnosis and troubleshooting.

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