Better QoS policies: Better Cost savings

is the common term that we are hearing or seeing nowadays and this
exists in all forms on the globe, In this tough economic situation
the motive of Network Administrator should be optimizing the current
infrastructure for future accommodation

Optimization plays a
major role when it comes to distributed

network architecture or MPLS network.
Most of the complaints from users at each location , Application
usage is very slow at business hours, Ofcourse the possible reason
might be due to other unwanted traffic consuming large amount of
bandwidth over the business critical application.

We will have scenario
based explanation to elaborate

this problem of Network Administrator:


Administrator is already using ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer on the
monitor the traffic utilization in

Head Quarters(HQ) and Site office, users accessing the
Database servers from the HQ raised an issue that database
application response is very slow and sometimes the updates not
getting reflected.

Network Administrator
found using NetFlow Analyzer that other unwanted application like
(Http, file sharing) application consume more bandwidth compared to
the business critical

application like (DB traffic, FTP,

Implementing QoS policy:-

Network Administrator has
various solutions to solve the problem:

1. Increasing the Bandwidth on Pipe

2. Deploying WAN accelerator

3. QoS policing

The first two solutions
are more expensive and any management will think over spending extra
money in tough situation. QoS policing is the best and cost effective
solution and Network Administrator is also advised to do the same. He
sets policy on HQ WAN router as follows:

class-map match-any database

match ip dscp cs5

match ip precedence 4

match ip precedence 3

class-map match-any FTP

match ip dscp CS3

match ip precedence 5

class-map match-any mail

match ip dscp CS2

match ip precedence 2



policy-map QOS-Policy

class database

priority percent 60

class FTP

priority percent 20

class mail

priority percent 10

class class-default




interface Serial0/0/0

service-policy output QOS-Policy

After setting up the QoS
policing on the interface, the Administrator observes that traffic of
business critical application has been smoothly shaped.

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