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NetFlow Configurator in ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Over the past 10 years, NetFlow Analyzer has proven to be a solid solution which mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and easy usability that helps saving troubleshooting time and makes traffic analytics a breeze. In addition to our rich set of reporting features, we have now added the ability to configure Cisco routers for NetFlow export from NetFlow Analyzer user interface itself. This NetFlow Configurator allows the user to configure: Traditional NetFlow export(V5 and V9) Flexible NetFlow export Medianet Configuration and The ability to view, modify and delete already configured NetFlow export This NetFlow Configurator is available free for all the users.

The story of United Airlines network outage(that could have been avoided)

News spreads like fire and bad news spreads like wildfire. The whole World witnessed the panic that a network outage caused among the passengers of United Airlines last week and its impact has been more than just financial impact. The fact that every news website has covered the issue has resulted in bad press.