Unleash the power of Analytics & boost organizational productivity

IT spending surges are every common across the World. Every vertical is investing heavily in IT infrastructure for improving productivity and easy manageability. IT spending towards networks is also growing as a result and Enterprise networks are expanding like never before.

For all the various benefits Enterprise networks offer, knowing what is going on in it becomes a fundamental requirement in ascertaining productive use of the network resources. Analytics has been a powerful and a rational way of assuring productive usage.

The network often assumes a position of critical importance which makes network traffic monitoring a key responsibility of a network administrator.

Analytics is one of the top priorities of measuring the success rate of any deployment. Analytics give us solid proof for whether the network resource is being rightly utilized or not. These numbers not only help in ascertaining productive usage of available resources but also help in provisioning sufficient resources for the future as well.

The importance of network traffic analytics is being widely felt with the increasing number of problems associated with it. Anything from sluggish network, non-responsiveness for a long time, DoS attacks, disturbances in VoIP communication, poor video quality is associated with network imbalance. A minor instability to the network could bring the business ot a standstill. When the entire business model relies heavily on the stability of its network backbone, it only makes sense to invest in a bankable tool that provides sufficient metrics to ascertain its value.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is primarily an analytics tool that presents the administrator with a wealth of information in the form of easy-to-understand  traffic reports. They empower the Administrator in appropriately allocation of the various resources associated with the network to improve organizational productivity. It also help in easy troubleshooting network incidents faster so that they could be fixed before it’s too late.

Critical decisions are always taken after a lot of analysis which happens with the help of analytics which mandates accuracy of gathered metrics. NetFlow Analyzer is a tool that has helped thousands of customers in generating such reports in a form that they desire. Frequent addition of new features has also helped network administrators from across the World to get exceptionally good insights about their networks.

In short, it acts like a good friend that helps the network administrator under difficult times when he needs it the most.

Do take your free trial for 30 days with the complete feature set of NetFlow Analyzer and come back to us for any inquiries that you have.

Unleash the power of traffic analytics to make the best use of your network resources and ensure a highly productive business environment to your company to scale it to great heights of success.

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