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Microsoft Patch Tuesday June 2019: 88 vulnerabilities to fix, but how?

Every Patch Tuesday is a nightmare for IT admins, loading them with a bundle of updates, leaving them no respite for the rest of the week. This June Patch Tuesday is no exception, with a huge amount of patches released to address 88 vulnerabilities in supported Windows operating systems and related applications. Of these updates, […]

Preventing the SQLite Magellan vulnerability from damaging your applications

Emerging vulnerabilities and continuous patching have been at odds with each other ever since the information age began. Flaws are often simple enough that a patch can mitigate any issues they present, but once in a while we’re confronted with a flaw which shouldn’t be taken lightly. One such vulnerability, discovered toward the end of […]

Account lockout and management tools

Sometimes, when you get a call regarding a password reset, you can already guess who it’s from. Most organizations have one—that one employee who somehow manages to forget their password and gets locked out of their account more than everyone else. So you reset this forgetful user’s password, and sure enough, five minutes later they […]

Microsoft Releases Advance Notification for September 2011 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released their advance notification for September 2011 patch Tuesday. Microsoft will release 5 bulletins on September 13 , all of them are rated as Important Vulnerability Impact 3 bulletins addresses Remote Code Execution 2 bulletins addresses Elevation of Privilege Affected Products: All supported Microsoft operating systems Office 2003, 2007, 2010 (Excel) Groove Server 2007 SharePoint Workspace 2010 Excel Viewer Office Compatibility Pack 2007 SharePoint Server 2007, 2010 Office Forms Server 2007 Groove Server (Data Bridge Server) 2007, 2010 Office Web Apps 2010 (Excel) SharePoint Services 2.0, 3.0 SharePoint Foundation 2010 Once the bulletins are released, the Patch Assessment team at Desktop Central will test all the patches pertaining to these bulletins and update their central patch database at the earliest. Update: Adobe has also released an advance notification that they would release an update on Sep 13, 2011