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My iCloud Password is “iCloud”

I guess the editor at  MCP  Magazine who fired me for talking about  passphrases  and ways to secure your passwords is looking rather foolish at this point. Years and years ago, I wrote an article on securing passwords – only to be told that I was out of touch with reality when I suggested that everyone needed to use more secure passwords.  With the latest attack on the  iCloud  due to weak and pathetic passwords, you’d think that ​  the attack’s victims would have appreciated learning the password strategies I was advocating 10 years ago! Apple now is saying that it is not their fault that the nude pictures of so many celebrities were obtained from their cloud storage ​ .   Does that mean that the weak questions for  iCloud  password recovery aren’t their responsibility either?  I truly hope that this latest attack on the  iCloud  opens the eyes of everyone who uses social media, social networking, centralized cloud storage, and other online resources

Celebrate the Mail Archiving iPhone App and join our contest!

Celebrate the Mail Archiving iPhone App and join our contest! Our new iPhone App for Astaro Mail Archiving is now available for download in the iTunes App Store – for free, no strings attached. With this app, users of the Astaro Mail Archiving Service have easy access to their Astaro e-mail archive from their iPhone