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AlwaysOn Monitoring with Foglight for SQL Server

We often get asked about the breadth and depth of Foglight when it comes to its monitoring scope. Whether it support for a multitude of relational, open source and NoSQL database platforms or providing the depth needed to identify the root cause of performance issues, you are looking in the right place with Foglight. For […]

Some small changes to default settings make achieving high availability easier…..

Loadbalancer.org has always been about high-availability, that is the fundamental reason for our products existence. Performance has always been a nice side effect while maintainability of your application cluster is generally a key sub-set of the primary high-availability objective

5 Tips for CIOs: Plan for Hurricanes, Hackers and Aliens?

Google is so serious about its disaster recovery planning that it tests for most scenarios imaginable, no matter how unlikely, including an  alien invasion of its offices . You see, nothing puts fear into a CIO like a system outage — it gives new meaning to having a “bad day” at the office. But quite surprisingly, unlike Google, very few companies have a disaster recovery plan.

Setting up HAProxy with Transparent Mode on Centos 6.x

Transparent mode with HAProxy allows you to see the IP Address of the clients computer while still having a high availability service using HAProxy. This posting shows how to setup a blank virgin installation of Centos 6.3 64bit minimum installation.

Updating your Version 6.X Loadbalancer.org Hardware to Version 7.4

Yes its true! Feel free to rub your eyes, do a double take, reload the page, get a cup of coffee to wake yourself up then reload the page again. ITS FINALLY HERE! Version 7.4 is available for your hardware Loadbalancer.org appliances! Continue reading for the installation procedure………… Firstly, thankyou all for being so patient,

Load balancing Microsoft Print Server

Microsoft print server provides a great way to share printers throughout your organisation, but when the print server service falls over, the phone quickly starts to ring. By adding a load balancer and a second print server configured with the same print queues , you’ll quickly have a load balanced and resillient printing infrastructure for

NTLM Authenticating Proxy Check Script

We do quite a bit of work with web proxy vendors, loadbalancing multiple web filters/proxies with one of our appliances and our customers have requested a way of health checking through the proxy when they have NTLM authentication enabled. Always happy to help where we can I have created a script that will retrieve a