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Microsoft Kill Shots: How IBM/Linux Deals the Latest Blow to Redmond Empire

Not long ago, Microsoft ruled the computing empire with near-monopolies in PC operating systems, web browsers and productivity applications. The company’s reign, however, was dominated by discord. Competitors complained about Microsoft’s predatory business practices

Is NFC adding up to security concerns of a CIO?

(Originally published in  Information Week , an article by  Shailesh Kumar Davey ) The convenience of an NFC enabled phone comes with some security risks as criminals are likely to abuse the tap-and-pay NFC technology used in mobile payment programs.  Imagine a world where you leave your house without keys, walk into your office without an ID card and book movie tickets without cash or cards! Yes, such a world is possible with the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC enables wireless data transfer between two devices that are very close to each other.   NFC is a subset of RFID technology and is based on principles of electro-magnetic field that interact with each other (proximity is the key thing here)

5 Tips for CIOs: Plan for Hurricanes, Hackers and Aliens?

Google is so serious about its disaster recovery planning that it tests for most scenarios imaginable, no matter how unlikely, including an  alien invasion of its offices . You see, nothing puts fear into a CIO like a system outage — it gives new meaning to having a “bad day” at the office. But quite surprisingly, unlike Google, very few companies have a disaster recovery plan.