World SysAdmin Day

All of you that are reading this post from the office computer or if you’re watching the Olympics opening ceremony, please take a minute to thank your IT administrators for keeping the network up and running so that you could view the pages that you want to.

Among all the Olympics frenzy, let us not forget that today is World System Administrators Day. A marathon in the Olympics is certainly exciting for us to watch, for the players to perform and the whole World comes together to cheer them up for a few minutes of adrenalin rush. Out IT Administrators are constantly in an adrenalin-high state, going paranoid to fix other people’s problems for the simple fact that they are extremely intelligent people that are patient enough to listen to other people’s problems and fix them.

They are the ones that help the entire organization by making sure IT is perfect.

When there is a problem, the easiest thing for anyone in the company to call the System Administrator to fix it. With reporting of an issue ends one’s responsibility and generally it is these IT guys that are squeezed from all ends to get each of their problems solved. Sometimes it is the same problems that repeat at different corners and they end up doing repetitive stuff. There are times when they try and solve a dozen problems at the same time.

The kind of pressure these guys face from everywhere is not even seen or understood by the majority and it is only their paranoid side that we end up seeing most of the time. But, deep down, it is these people that we are incredibly indebted as our machine & mission would just stop but for these guys.

We, the NetFlow Analyzer team, are extremely happy to be a close aide, a friend and an agent in the lives of these IT administrators, trying to simplify routine tasks for them by sharing their load. We understand their challenges and our products are built with the core aim of making their lives easier. We take superlative pride and happiness to be serving thousands of IT administrators from all over the globe and we have brought big smiles to their face.


So, if you are an IT administrator reading this and have not experienced how we could change your life, please do take a look at our success stories and then take your 30-day trial. I am sure you would like us and we can gladly assist you in the process.

If you are not an IT administrator reading this, then you should definitely give them a present for all their efforts. What better gift/present could it possibly be than to just pass on this link to them? Tell them about us(NetFlow Analyzer). Show some concern. Make them smile. Your IT network will be more efficient and you may probably win an award for changing for good the face of IT in your organization. :)


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