Applications Manager now supports Ruby on Rails applications

We recently rolled out version 10.6 of Applications ManagerSupport for monitoring Ruby on Rails applications, was the highlight of this release.

If you are from one of those companies which use Ruby on Rails because of the ease to develop applications on it, you can now rely on Applications Manager to easily monitor your Ruby applications. Applications Manager will help you identify slow spots in a transaction by tracking method level traces, database queries and viewing performance metrics of all Ruby components from the URL down to the SQL query.

APM Insight for Ruby Applications


You can also measure user satisfaction of your Ruby apps with Apdex Scores. The end-to-end visibility into all tiers of the transaction enables IT administrators troubleshoot application performance issues quickly and thereby deliver a superior end-user experience. Learn More…

Other notable enhancements in this version include:

  • New REST APIs added to help you integrate Applications Manager in your web portal or in other products.
  • Support to monitor the Tomcat server, even if you have customized the Tomcat Manger URI.

Here is a screenshot tour of our latest features. You can also check out the new version, by upgrading to the latest version of Applications Manager.

We welcome you to try out our new version and post your comments.


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