The Power of Analytics Series – Part III

A dashboard is extremely important for a vehicle on road. It helps monitor critical parameters like fuel level, speed etc. Imagine riding a car without a dashboard and the consequences are as undesirable as it could get. The dashboard assumes a position of utmost importance in terms of assuring safety, control and it helps in steering the journey further.

Likewise, the Dashboard of a network traffic analytics tool is a collection of vital information about the network in one place. It gives a comprehensive at-a-glance view of different sections of your network, no matter where they are. This helps in being constantly aware of what are the top activities that influence network performance. It gives the IT Administrator the control that he needs to steer the network to perform better.

NetFlow Analyzer has a customizable dashboard that allows addition of widgets to it. This flexibility is very important to a network administrator as it gives him a wide range of options to choose what he needs to monitor at a given point of time.

Each organization is distinct in terms of size, the network pattern, the usage pattern etc. One size doesn’t fit all anymore. With such diversity in needs among different organizations of different sizes, it can be customized as per the requirement of the end user depending on the environment.

By adding the critical factors that need to be monitored to the dashboard, the IT administrator becomes highly vigilant about the most critical parameters that affect the performance of the network. This not just enhances visibility into the network but also helps faster troubleshooting of network incidents.

For enterprises of any size, downtime is something one cannot just afford. But, network incidents are things that we can never get rid of. There are always incidents that have a negative impact on network performance. The best bet for an IT administrator is to restore normalcy within the shortest possible time frame. This calls for a need for constant vigil and monitoring. This eases the troubleshooting process and minimizes downtime.

Thus, dashboard is a road to safety for the network and helps a great way in steering the network to perform better.

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