Virtual Storage Analysis with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Download a free 30-day trial of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager today! This training video hosted by vExpert Scott Lowe, demonstrates how to use SolarWinds Virtualization Manager to solve some of the most common performance problems in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. You will learn how to answer questions like the following: Why is my virtual machine (VM) running slow? How can I identify problems in my VMware or Hyper-V environment? How do I configure and view alerts in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager? How can I see what changed in my virtual environment that caused a performance problem? How can I pinpoint storage I/O or capacity problems using Virtualization Manager? You’ll learn how to use tools in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager like these: Virtualization Manager Administrator Dashboard Virtualization Manager Alerting (configuration and viewing) VMware or Hyper-V environment mapping in Virtualization Manager Top-N Reporting or Resource Ranking (for CPU or memory utilization, CPU ready, memory ballooning, disk consumption, storage I/O latency, network I/O, and creating your own custom report) TimeTravel Historical Forensics for troubleshooting SolarWinds Storage Manager integration for full VM-to-spindle mapping and physical storage monitoring

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