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Lately, we all know that power saving has become the “Talk of the town”. Every product irrespective of whether it is a B2B or B2C “GREEN” has become the key word.  This is the case happens with systems in the organization. Sometimes users won’t shut down the systems, and it becomes a concern because energy is wasted. Understanding this, we came out with a solution that can eliminate these issues and you can save the power by shutting down the systems when the user is inactive.

Steps to perform:

  1. Download the attached file IdleSession, extract the executable and rename it to “IdleSession.exe”
  2. Open DC Server Console and navigate to “Configuration” Tab.
  3. Choose “Custom Script” under “User Configuration” section by navigating from Configuration -> Add Configuration.
  4. Under Step 2, choose “local” option.
  5. Browse and give the downloaded “IdleSession.exe”
  6. Under Script arguments give “  
    Ex:  7200 shutdown => This is to switch off the system if the user is idle for 2 hrs.[ 120*60 = 7200 seconds ]
  7. Deploy it to the all users.

In addition to shut down, you can perform logoff for inactive user session from the same executable by replacing Shutdown with Logoff in the script arguments.


This script will be executed, even if there is more than one logged on user and the system will be shut down. Assume that there are two users logged on and one of them is idle, then the idle user will be logged off.

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