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Here are the answers to some most frequently asked questions about our upcoming webinar series on IPv6.

The official press release is out and we are glad about the overwhelming response for the upcoming educational webinar series. Do keep the word spreading and get the full benefit of this educational webinar series.

1. Why is IPv6 said to be challenging?

IPv6 addressing is more than just a broader address space. the IP address has changed from 32 bits to 128 bits but what is more important is that address planning, the kinds of addresses, and how DHCP and DNS are to be used and configured have all been changed. New concepts and protocols such as Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC), Neighbor Discovery, Router Discovery, and Multicast Listener Discovery protocols must be understood. Many new ICMP messages have been introduced leading to changes in how firewalls policies are to be done.

2. What is our aim?

We aim at creating awareness about IPv6, the challenges and the solutions. This is our sincere attempt in helping IT Enterprises by empowering with the knowledge that they require for IPv6 transition. This is quite a complex transition and we IT professionals by helping them know what options are available regarding the same.

3. How is the (complimentary)webinar series structured?

The topics that need to be covered are pretty vast and that is the reason we are covering it in 2 separate sessions. The first session is titled ‘Introduction to IPv6 Addressing’ which will cover the fundamental aspects of IPv6 addressing in a detailed manner.

This section enables IT professionals to fully understand what constitutes IPv6 addressing and the associated concepts such as unicast, multicast, link local addressing etc.

The second session is titled ‘IPv6 Transition Techniques’ which will deal with techniques such as tunneling, translation etc.

4. Who is the speaker?

Ms. Nalini Elkins, CEO & Founder, Inside Products, who is an expert in the field of IPv6 will be the speaker for the webinar series. Ms. Nalini has been a regular speaker at renowned conferences such as SHARE, Sharkfest, NASPA etc. Her IPv6 classes are very popular and well-attended.

This webinar provides you with the opportunity to interact directly with Ms. Nalini and get answers to your questions on IPv6.

5. When is it?

Part 1 – Introduction to IPv6 addressing – 21st August 2012, 8 AM PST

Part 2 – IPv6 Transition Techniques – 13th September, 8 AM PST 

6. How do I register?

Register here

7. Where do I find more information about the webinar?

Please do visit our webpage,

8. Where do I see previous webinars?

Please visit our videos page where we have posted the recordings of our previous webinars. You could also click on the webinar title to download the presentation for your reference.

9. How do I receive webinar updates?

Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Join our LinkedIn group for frequent updates.

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