Boot machines remotely with OpUtils: The Wake on LAN advantage

Boot machines remotely with OpUtils: The Wake on LAN advantage

Boot machines remotely with OpUtils: The Wake on LAN advantage

When businesses have a high number of computers, getting all of them turned on manually can be a herculean task for any network admin. This can lead to organizations keeping their computers on even when not in use. Of course, this approach is not ideal, as electricity bills would skyrocket in result.

That said, there are legitimate reasons for a network admin to leave a machine running after business hours (e.g., system maintenance or configuration management). So how do you, as a network admin, ensure your network machines are powered up and ready when needed without constantly consuming electricity? This where OpUtils’ Wake on LAN tool comes in handy.

How does Wake on LAN work?

Wake on LAN allows you to boot up any computer in your network right from your device as if you were physically pushing the power button. Wake on LAN broadcasts specially designed network packets that contain the target computers’ IP addresses. This network framework is aptly called the “Magic Packet.”

On receiving a Magic Packet, the network machine boots up if its IP address is specified in the packet. This eliminates the need to manually boot up your network computers.

OpUtils’ Wake on LAN feature: The ace up your sleeve

As a network admin, you can wake up your network devices from anywhere, anytime with Wake on LAN. Using OpUtils’ Wake on LAN, you can wake up a specific target computer or a group of target computers by selecting their IP addresses.

OpUtils offers a plethora of Wake on LAN functions to employ: you can schedule the deployment of Wake on LAN packets, deploy them to a group of machines simultaneously using group-based scheduling, and more.

OpUtils’ Wake on LAN feature offers:

  • Support for both manual and scheduled wake up.
  • The option to create multiple groups of computers, and apply different Wake on LAN schedules to each group.
  • The ability to boot systems across virtual LANs (VLANs).
  • A summary of the various tasks along with the status of execution.
  • The detailed status of individual computers in different groups.
  • On-demand wake-up.

Wake on LAN is just one of the many network management tools OpUtils has to offer! Deploy best-in-class IP address management and switch port mapping software for your network, and explore all the real-time scanning and troubleshooting tools OpUtils has to offer. Get your free, 30-day trial now!

OpUtils is a part of the ManageEngine ITOM suite of solutions. Apart from IP address and switch port management, ITOM also has solutions to streamline network monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, configuration management, firewall security and compliance. Truly, this makes ITOM solutions an ideal choice for over 1 million IT admins, worldwide.

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