[Version 1.800] Known Issues

 Known Issues:

– SOCKS proxy: under certain circumstances, the SOCKS proxy is not able to handle client requests containing unresolved host names. This will be fixed in the next 1.8 series Up2Date package.

– User Authentication: when adding Users or changing proxy authentication types, the changes may not go into effect. Workaround: make all necessary changes, then issue the command killall -HUP aua.bin on the ssh console.

– Opera Browser (www.opera.com): Compatibility problems with the Opera Browser (www.opera.com): creating a backup and and some configuration interfaces do not work correctly. These are actually bugs in Opera, not ASL.

– Javascript filtering: When Javascript filtering is disabled and Java or ActiveX filters are enabled, the HTTP Proxy may mangle JavaScript content in Web Pages if they contain mathmatical operators like >, < , >= or < =, resulting in script errors in the client browser.


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