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Java Patch Plugs 19 Security Holes

Oracle this week released its quarterly patch update for Java , a widely-installed program that for most casual users has probably introduced more vulnerability than utility. If you have Java installed and require it for some application or Web site, it’s time to update it. If you’re not sure you have Java on your computer or are unsure why you still have it, read on for advice that could save you some security headaches down the road

[Middle] Up2Date 2.016

Urgency: Middle (low, Middle, HIGH) Up2Date 2.016 Bugfix   Problems while enabling Pattern Up2Date in WebAdmin fixed Missing virus name in SMTP proxy email notification fixed Broken ActiveX filter (if ActiveX is embedded in Javascript) fixed Download Information Size: 4441370 bytes All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed! The Astaro Up2Date technology makes it easy to update your installed Astaro Security Linux to the latest versions.

[Version 1.811] Known Issues

Known Issues and Fixes.  – [I-1.8-1] Opera Browser (www.opera.com): Compatibility problems with the Opera Browser (www.opera.com): creating a backup and and some configuration interfaces do not work correctly. These are actually bugs in Opera, not ASL. – [I-1.8-2] Javascript filtering : When Javascript filtering is disabled and Java or ActiveX filters are enabled, the HTTP Proxy may mangle JavaScript content in Web Pages if they contain mathmatical operators like > , = or