Upcoming Up2Date 7.009

Tomorrow morning (CEST) we will release Up2Date 7.009 which will fix two remaining issues from 7.008: downloads via HTTP Proxy using MS Internet Explorer and HTTP domain whitelist entries.

Downloads via HTTP Proxy using Internet Explorer (ID6859)
When trying to download a file via HTTP Proxy with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7, the download manager page does not refresh automatically and the download is not shown as finished after scanning succeeds. Mozilla based browsers are not affected. Unfortunately there is no workaround we were able to offer.

HTTP domain whitelists (ID6862)
Up to version 7.007, the “Target Domains” match in the “Exceptions” Tab of the HTTP Proxy was a pure substring match against the domain part of URLs. For example, an entry of “astaro.com” would match all domains (including subdomains and Hostnames) that have “astaro.com” in them, for instance “up2date.astaro.com“.

To provide more flexibility with V7.008, Astaro allowed defining exact (sub)domain names by use of regular expressions. Unfortunately this also causes some existing expressions to no longer work because they now require an exact match – so the entry “astaro.com” only matches the domain “astaro.com” but not “www.astaro.com“. This can be corrected by using regular-expression style wildcarding, in this case “.*astaro.com” would achieve the desired effect; however it requires manual adaptation of each entry.

V7.009 will correct this behaviour so that both existing expressions for pre-7.008 installations and expressions modified for 7.008 continue to work, while the more flexible regular expression syntax can still be used.

I apologize for any inconvenience these issues might caused,
Markus Hennig


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The original article/video can be found at Upcoming Up2Date 7.009

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