Up2Date 6.315 Released: ASG Version 6 End-of-Life Reminder

As announced last year, on Oct 1st, 2009,Version 6 of Astaro Security Gateway will be end-of-life. At this time, no further Up2Date packages for firmware or patterns will be distributed. For the few remaining customers that are still using Version 6, we have released Up2Date Version 6.315 which fixes a recently announced vulnerability in BIND, and also make some changes to streamline the Upgrade options for you. Read on for the details.

As Version 6 has long been replaced by Version 7, customers still using V6 should immediately move to this version to get the latest features and ensure they are operating a supported and maintained product version. Customers running V6 on an ASG appliance can move to Version 7 via the Up2Date section of WebAdmin by performing an on-box upgrade via the button and prompts. We have altered this process to bring the unit to a more recent Version 7.405.

If administrators would like to cleanly install V7 on their ASG appliances by wiping the existing system (or for those customers who are using V6 on their own hardware platforms), you can make a backup file of your V6 configuration, install Version 7 from ISO image, and then restore much of your configuration into V7 from the V6 backup file. Appliances and/or hardware platforms can be installed using the Astaro Smart Installer or an external USB CD-Rom drive.

Important Note

Version 7's architecture differs massively from the older Version 6 framework. Due to how data is stored in databases in Version 7 vs. flat files in Version 6, some areas of the configuration cannot be “converted” and will have to be rebuilt in V7. For more information on the process of moving to Version 7, please see this Knowledge Base Link. For additional questions and assistance with the V6->V7 Upgrade, your Astaro Partner or Support Team will be happy to help!

Up2Date 6.315 Details


  • Required previous version is 6.314
  • Existing configuration will not be changed
  • Middleware will be restarted
  • Active IP and VPN connections will be restarted
  • Depending on the speed of the CPU the Up2Date installation will take a few minutes Size: 2.73 Mega Bytes (2861778 bytes) MD5sum: 36fb15fa2162c2a39f26cbed7223c6aa  


  • please refer to the final known issue list on http://www.astaro.com/kb
  • Fixed bind (DNS) vulnerability CVE-2009-0696 All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!

The Astaro Up2Date technology makes it easy to upgrade your installed Astaro Security Gateway to the latest version. There are two ways to apply an Up2Date package to the system:

  1. Log on to WebAdmin, navigate to Management >> Up2Date >> Overview and use Update to latest version now to install the Firmware Up2Date. Click on then Watch Up2Date Progress in new window and an extra browser window will show the progress of the Up2Date installation and the System administrator will receive a notification email once the Up2Date process has finished successfully.
  2. Download the Up2Date package from our HTTP or FTP Server and install it under Management >> Up2Date >> Advanced.

The Astaro Product Management Team


You Can Learn More About the Astaro Internet Security Product Line By Going to www.FirewallShop.com/Astaro.

The original article/video can be found at Up2Date 6.315 Released: ASG Version 6 End-of-Life Reminder

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