Next ASL 4.0 BETA: 3.380

Hi all,

here comes the second Beta of Astaro Security Linux 4.0 (first announcement is here)! Version number is 3.380 – you see we make big steps to the final ASL 4.000. Let me place again an emphasis on the nature of a Beta – although most things should work properly please do not use it in a production environment.

Thx a lot for your feedback and bug reports!

In addition to a lot of small fixes and improvements, we completed the online help, and fixed the following issues from the first beta:

  • Radius for Surf Protection is now working properly
  • HA Up2Date is now working properly

We plan to release a additional BETA/RC within the next few weeks, still some work to do:

  • WLAN only station mode, access point not working yet
  • AMD K6/Intel PentiumI CPUs not working
  • configuration problems in Port Scan Detection

Backup File from 3.318 or 3.2XX should work, but note: if you install a backup from 3.318 or 3.2XX and want enable “Surf Protection” please apply the following command on a root console before install the backup:


cp /etc/wfe/conf/selfmonitoring-default /etc/wfe/conf/selfmonitoring-default_3.380

and this line after the backup install:


cp /etc/wfe/conf/selfmonitoring-default_3.380 /etc/wfe/conf/selfmonitoring-default;touch 

We will be happy to provide you a Up2Date for this BETA within next days.

Hardware compatibility list
Known issue list

Download Information

ISO HTTP: Astaro, Australian Mirror, Austria Mirror, Japanese Mirror
ISO FTP: Astaro, Australian Mirror, Austria Mirror, Japanese Mirror

(asl-3.380.iso.gz _ 87.997.048 Bytes eb5808031f34646ce7c78dd98375c88f MD5SUM)
(asl-3.380.iso __ 245.125.120 Bytes 40c4c48a504c9e76a09d20dd5accc43e MD5SUM)

Enjoy – and thanks for your continued support and cooperation.



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