New BETA tree out! ASL 2.100

Hi guys,

as Astaro Security Linux 2.0 is finally out, we are already very busy with the development of our next release – 3.0.

Thanks for all your input and feature requests for this version, these will finally be the highlights in Astaro Security Linux 3.0:

  • URL Filter Lists (pre- and selfdefined)
  • DHCP client
  • PPPoE client
  • New SMTP Proxy, additionally featuring TLS, User Auth, Spam and Attachment blocking
  • Quality of Service (or Traffic Shaping)
  • High Availability (or Hot Standby)
  • New install procedure
  • Intrusion Detection (based on Snort)

On the way to 3.0, we will release several BETA versions, labelled Astaro Security Linux 2.1xx BETA. Those will be available for download as ISO-images, and, as always, we would love to hear your feedback.

The first release candidate (called Astaro Security Linux 3.0 RC1) will be released still in this year. This will not be a “BETA” version, but a near-finished product with full Up2Date support.

PLEASE NOTE: The early Betas will not contain all of the 3.0 functionality, features will be released as they are ready. 
Watch the individual BETA announcements to see “what's new” in the latest releases. We will try to release Up2Date packages to upgrade your BETA systems between versions, but we cannot guarantee it, since there may be some fundamental changes to the distribution. Also, Up2Dates from 2.0 to 2.1xx will not be available. However, importing configuration backup sets from 2.0 versions will work for most features.

Thanks a lot for your support, it's really fun working with you!

First BETA (2.100) includes:

  • Support of WINS/DNS in PPTP
  • Show virus pattern version in WebAdmin
  • Support for NTP time servers and timezone setting
  • QoS Support (Bandwidth Management)
  • New WebAdmin Section “Maintenance” 
  • Extended checking of SOCKS config
  • GRE protocol support
  • New PPPoE chroot
  • Better MS Windows 98 PPTP support

Download Information

Astaro Security Linux 2.100 via HTTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror
Astaro Security Linux 2.100 via FTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror

MD5sum/Size compressed:
md5sum: 6938bcc794f7c7eeebee05a05a42d962
size: 61191154 bytes

MD5sum/Size uncompressed:
md5sum: 7c85abad2d6764d58e9d72b0349179d2
size: 157052928 bytes

Sincerely yours,
  Markus Hennig


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