Up2date 1.8 -> 2.0

Official release for this Up2Date package will be on Monday, 15.10.2001, 10:00 GMT.

For testing purposes, we have made the package available now on a separate Up2Date server at To use this server, please edit /root/.ssh/known_hosts and duplicate the line with the key, replacing the IP address.


    – Do not disturb,interrupt,reset or reboot until the up2date 2.000 is completely installed.
    – If not all Up2Date packages are installed at once, click the “START” button again!
    – Do not change any settings during the Up2Date Process!
    – Required minimum version for the upgrade is 1.811!
  • The Up2Date process takes 6 steps (1.826, 1.827, 1.888, 1.890, 2.000) and 1 dummy package (1.917) for jumping over 2.0 BETA (packetsizes: 1875315 2011116 1096186 10870973 3407213 110748 Bytes, sum: 18 MB)
  • After the last step your firewall will reboot
  • During step 5 the Up2Date LiveLog is possibly broken due to the installation of the new WebAdmin install (click on START again to reconnect to the Up2Date process)
  • Up2Date duration:
    Up2Date 1.811 -> 2.000 : 7 min + downtime for reboot 3 min 750 MHz AMD Duron, 128 MB RAM (without download time)
    Up2Date 1.825 -> 2.000 : 3 min + downtime for reboot 3 min 750 MHz AMD Duron, 128 MB RAM (without download time)
  • You need a valid license key for virus protection (order template: http://www.astaro.com/products/vporder.html)
  • Local users for PPTP must be redefined due to the intoduction of MD4 password hashes
  • Please read the announcement at http://www.astaro.org/cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=000072

Thx all for the patience with this Up2Date!


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The original article/video can be found at Up2date 1.8 -> 2.0

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