New BETA tree out: 3.030

Astaro Security Linux 3

We are in the last steps on the way to RC1 of Astaro Security Linux 3.2, so we think its time for the next BETA snapshot.

PLEASE NOTE: The Betas will not contain all of the 3.2 functionality, Betas will be released as they are ready. Watch the individual Beta announcements to see “what's new” in the latest releases. Maybe we will not release Up2Date packages to upgrade your systems between Beta versions, since there may be some fundamental changes to the distribution. Also, Up2Dates from 2.0 to Betas or Finals of Version 3 will NOT be available – but importing configuration backups from 2.0 versions will work for the final 3.200 release (NOT for the Betas). 


We are very interested in your feedback, thats why we will provide Up2Date packages for this release to fix serious bugs. Please don't expect a reply for every UBB posting, but be sure we read all your reports and comments.

Now, ASL 3.030 Beta includes:

  • new install procedure (if you need commandline access after installation you can only login via console with 'root:root' – this password will be reset when accessing the first WebAdmin page)
  • improved WebAdmin
  • new Linux Kernel 2.4.17
  • new logging facilities
  • new Interface handling system
  • new NAT handling system
  • 'Reject' action for the packetfilter
  • DHCP client support
  • DHCP server support
  • DSL (pppoe) support
  • new VPN IPsec handling system (incl. X.509)
  • factory reset commandline tool

Whats in the works:

  • Online Help (please ignore the online help for now, some old texts are still in place)
  • Manual
  • QoS interface settings are missing in the new interface handling
  • HA support in the MiddleWare
  • IPSec X509 certificate handling in the WebAdmin
  • ULR category blocker (will be done in cooperation with Cobion AG)

In the upcoming versions of Astaro Security Linux, our WebAdmin interface uses some more advanced and user-friendly “common controls” for managing data. They should provide a more user-friendly way of adding and modifying data. The goal was to get rid of the multitude of “Add”, “Edit”, “Save” and “Delete” buttons.
Some “old” style pages are remaining in this BETA version.

Most of that improved functionality is done with JavaScript functions, and that comes at a price. Since every browser handles JavaScript a bit differently, and supporting all of them would be a nightmare, we'll only support these Browser families OFFICIALLY:

  • MS Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 (Windows / MAC)
  • Netscape 6.1 and Mozilla 0.9.8+ (Windows / MAC / Linux / Solaris and all others)

Other browsers lack support for certain features which we need to provide a more user friendly interface. Here's a short list, just in case someone asks you …

  • Netscape 4.x: can't handle event triggers on tags other than and
  • Opera: cannot handle onClick & onDblClick in form widgets, and poor CSS handling
  • Konqueror(KDE): cannot handle onClick & onDblClick in form widgets

Download Information

The Final Beta release has been pushed back to the beginning of March 2002.

Astaro Security Linux 3.030 via HTTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror, Japanese Mirror
Astaro Security Linux 3.030 via FTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror, Japanese Mirror

MD5sum/Size compressed:
md5sum: 98f02e2786f9086ca50a7074723552ab
size: 60444864 bytes

MD5sum/Size uncompressed:
md5sum: 28ed003b26ce4ec81553d1cb156ef9b4
size: 186286080 bytes


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