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Home user subscription bundle and Intrusion Protection for home user licenses

The home user subscription bundle is now available for purchase at a price of EUR 59 (approximately USD 70). This bundle includes:

  • Surf Protection Subscription for 10 User, 1 year
  • Virus Protection for Email Sub. for 10 User, 1 year
  • Virus Protection for Web Sub. for 10 User, 1 year

To purchase this bundle, go to our shop.

Additionally, one year of Intrusion Protection is automatically included in all new home user licenses generated between April 23, 2004 and September 30, 2004. After September 30, Intrusion Protection will be included in the home user subscription bundle.

One year of Intrusion Protection has also been added to all existing V5 home use licenses at no cost. To use it, you will need to download the revised license from MyAstaro and then install it in WebAdmin.

This can be done using the same procedure in which you downloaded and installed the original license: 

  1. Log into MyAstaro
  2. Click the license nickname to view details
  3. Click the download link and save the license file to your hard drive
  4. To install in WebAdmin, when prompted for the license in the license section or initial screen, press the browse button in WebAdmin, navigate to the directory in which you saved the license file, select the license, and press Start to upload.


You Can Learn More About the Astaro Internet Security Product Line By Going to www.FirewallShop.com/Astaro.

The original article/video can be found at Home user subscription bundle…

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