Astaro Security Linux 1.811

A new version of Astaro Security Linux is available: 1.811. It can be installed by either downloading the ISO-file from our ftp-servers or by upgrading automatically using the Up2Date* service.

Astaro now supports “Road Warriors” with dynamic IP addresses. This means you can access your local network securely from Internet dial-up connections using an IPSec VPN client. The following IPSec clients have been tested successfully so far: SSH Sentinel 1.1 , NAI PGPnet 7.04
(How-to), IRE SafeNet/Soft-PK (3DES edition) 5.1.0.

* Support for up to 10 IDE controllers added
* Support for limiting port ranges (DNAT) added
* VPN definition process simplified
* Selfmonitor functionality improved
* Virus patterns updated
* SSH daemon updated

* Double bounced email notification problem fixed #010023
* Socks5 DNS name resolution problem fixed #010027
* User Authentication restart problem fixed #010018

*)Attention: The Up2Date livelog will restart during the upgrade so you might loose the connection. Up2Date continues in the background and is not affected by this. To bring back the livelog service click on Start again.


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