Astaro Security Gateway’s IPS Successfully Blocks Attacks

Logansport Savings Bank was using the Astaro Security Gateway to block attacks and spam at their Indiana office when it was suggested that the Astaro did not have an effective IPS (intrusion prevention system).

Although they were happy with the Astaro's performance they decided it was better to test the Astaro against a competitor to ensure they had the right product for their network. “As a financial institution we can't take any chances with our security so although we felt the Astaro Security Gateway was effectively protecting our network we wanted to make sure,” said Mike Thompson, Compliance Officer at Logansport Savings Bank.

When the test results came back it was apparent that the Astaro IPS was able to keep Logansport's network secure and that they had made the right chose when selecting the Astaro Security Gateway.

For more information about this test, please read the press release here: Or the case study here:


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