Astaro Secure Client V9.1 released

This new release adds a budget manager, multi-certificate configuration, additional GUI languages, WISPr support and many additional minor enhancements.

New Features
ASC V9.1 offers the following major new features, among others:

  • Budget Manager The new Budget Manager serves to monitor the costs of internet connection, focusing on UMTS, GPRS and WLAN connections. For this purpose administrators or users configure volume or time limits according to the basic provider rates.Should the user exceed the limit, either a warning notice appears or further connection attempts are hindered.The Budget Manager also allows the restriction or disabling of roaming.
  • Multi-Certificate Configuration Allows establishing multiple certificate based connections from the client to different VPN remote stations, e.g. to a customers VPN gateway using a soft certificate and to the own company network using a certificate saved to a smartcard.
  • WISPr Support The client now supports the new browser-less logon technology via WISPr (Wireless Internet Service Provider Roaming). This increases compatibility with T-Mobile hotspots in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czechia and Great Britain, and also in some Lufthansa lounges of international airports
  • Multi-lingual User-Interface The graphical user interface now supports German, English, French, Dutch and Polish language. In addition the new release provides a more comprehensive support of UMTS interface cards as well as new diagnostic capabilities. Additional feature and installation information as well as the most current documentation can be found on the Astaro Knowledgebase at under Section Astaro Secure Client – Manuals and Guides.

How to update your client software
There are two ways for updating your client:
1) Start the Astaro Secure Client Monitor on your desktop. On the menu select “Help -> Search for New Updates”. Click “Next” on the upcoming “Software Update Wizard” window. The client will now automatically search for new updates. If a newer version is found, you can click on the “Next” button to start the automatic installation immediately.
2) Use MyAstaro to download the new client software from our HTTP or FTP Server. When installing the new software an already existing version will be recognized and updated accordingly.

How to upgrade your license
As V9.1 is a new major release an update to this version requires purchasing a one-time update license, which allows updating of an existing license by one or two releases. When purchasing the license you'll receive an activation key which must be applied to your existing license within MyAstaro. You'll then be offered a new file for download including the key that needs to be entered into your client.

Free License Upgrade If you have activated your existing ASC Version 9.0x license after Jan. 1st 2009, you will receive a new version 9.1 license free of charge by following these steps: Delete the file “ncpoa2.dat” from the “ProgramsAstaroAstaro Secure Client” directory in order to reset your past client activations. Start the Astaro Secure Client Monitor on your desktop. On the upcomming “License Data” Pop-up menu select “Activation”. Click “Online Activation” on the upcoming “Software Activation Wizard” window. Click “Next” on all following windows. The client will now search for a new lincense. If a newer version is found, it will be installed automatically.

Evaluation Copy If you want an evaluation copy of Astaro Secure Client, go to MyAstaro and complete a short form to create a MyAstaro account. You will then be taken to a screen where you can download a 30-day evaluation version of Astaro Secure Client.

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