Astaro Command Center 2.2 Released

We are excited today to inform you that Astaro Command Center 2.2 is available! After a half-year of development followed by a public Beta program, ACC 2.2 is ready for download via our FTP servers. Version 2.2 will be pushed out via Up2Date to all our installations next week.

This release is focused around adding great new abilities like Global configuration of Packet Filter rules and Web Security settings and profiles. We have also other fantastic features to make your life easier when working with ASG. Regardless of if you have one, or hundreds of installations, you are sure to find something that saves you time with ACC!

Astaro Command Center 2.2 Features

HTTP/S Proxy Configuration Support

  • Build and deploy Web Security profiles and configuration from within ACC!
  • Lets you centralize your Web Security settings and globally deploy and change policy across some or all connected ASG installations. -Work with Filter Actions, URL Categories, Exceptions, and Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) files.

Packet Filter Configuration

  • You can now make Network Security configuration settings in ACC for packet filter rules, and deploy them as needed to your selection of ASG devices.
  • Build rules like you normally do in ASG
  • Craft rule sets composed of your rules for deployment to ASG installations.
  • Deploy to organizational units, select the position of the deployed rules (Eg. on top of existing rules in the ASG), and view/change/revoke rules with ease.

Auto Deployment of Definitions

  • Continually updates selected ASG's with new/changed definitions
  • Removes the need to manually select installations and deploy objects
  • Keeps multiple installations constantly synced to the latest versions of definitions and other items

New Global Definition Types

  • To further assist global deployment and true central management, two new definition types can be configured centrally.
  • Time events can be defined and worked with via Definitions–>Time Events in the Gateway Manager
  • IPSec policies can be defined and worked with via Configuration–>VPN–>IPSec policies in the Gateway Manager. You no longer need to choose only from pre-defined policies in ACC.

Object Merge Granularity Options

  • Allows you to choose merge operations when deploying Global Objects which already exist locally on the ASG.
  • Great for assisting migration from per-box configuration to ACC central configuration
  • When a definition already exists, choose to overwrite it completely, skip it, or keep the name and just update the data with the Global Objects parameters.
  • Many powerful uses for assisting the saving of your time across multiple ASG's!

Other Changes and Features

  • Features accessible to the ACC can be restricted on an ASG (aka privilege restriction). You can configure this from Management–>Central Management in ASG 7.506/V8.000.
  • Up2Date Cache restricts access to Up2Date servers, and is now ASG V8 compatible
  • Expired licensing subscriptions will see their impact on monitoring levels decay over time and become less of a factor as a result.
  • IPSec VPN Configuration can now re-use global network definitions and global/custom IPSec policies.

*More information about the various features of ACC 2.2 can be found in the ACC 2.2 release notes

*ACC 2.200 requires at least ASG V7.506 or V8.000 for full compatibility.
**ASG features for allowing communication to two ACC servers and SSO real name pass-through are already implemented in ACC 2.2 and just awaiting ASG 7.507 and 8.002 releases.

Download Information
ACC 2.2 is available initially as an Up2date package from version 2.100 or Beta users at Version 2.180. ISO images are also available for full installations of ACC 2.2. Virtual Machine Images and an Up2Date push for existing installations will be released next week, along with new, detailed release notes for ACC 2.2

ACC Up2Date from 2.100 –> Version 2.2:
Size: 259MB
md5sum: 91842af0d63f67e8d3e0b0d0f26ce185

ACC Software Appliance ISO 2.200
Size: 578MB
md5sum: 29d47dc87398c61725c0127cb1164455

ACC Up2Date from BETA 2.180 –> Version 2.2:
Size: 22MB
md5sum: 969963597aa2408028e19a411634f1b3

Astaro ACC Download Mirrors:

If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the ACC V2.2 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please take care to always(!) add the version you refer to (e.g. “[2.2] HTTP Proxy Profile Push Question”).

If you have feedback to our documentation (Online Help) please send it to There is also a demo server which will run ACC Version 2.2 shortly:

– Your Astaro Product Management Team


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