Astaro Command Center 2.1 GA Released

Completing the release of the Astaro Command Center 2.1, today we have released the GA/Final version. It is available as an Up2Date for existing installations, a full set of ISO images for installing on your own hardware or ACC appliances, and we have Virtual images as for VMware ESX/i and VMware Player.

Release Notes and a new 2.1 Demo server are also available. Read on for the links and additional notes. For the outline of this Version, please see our ACC 2.1 soft-release announcement.

If you are already running a Version of ACC, you do not need to manually download anything, as the Up2Date will be distributed to you via our Content Distribution Network for installation.

Download Information

ACC Software ISO: (For use on your own Hardware)

Size: 528M (553,324,544 bytes)
MD5sum: c6c7b8aa754cfe9e9b3d9dd22d7925b4

ACC VMware ESX3: (For use in commercial VMware environments)  

Size: 1.13GB (1,215,546,591 bytes)
MD5sum: a8bf1531ae966f79d551282a7d0afddb   

ACC VMware Player: (For use in by the casual VMware user)

MD5sum: 284239a3d7b1dbc8dd492917753f0e91
Size: 1.10GB (1,181,297,856 bytes)

Up2Date Package: (For Version 2.000 to Version 2.100)  

MD5sum: 097a33c385a1fd9b384b09b43e37664d
Size: 291MB (304,640,462 bytes)

ACC U2D (2.070-100): (For users of the BETA 2.070 to Version 2.100)

Size: 43MB (44,622,440 bytes)
MD5sum: 5dd4d9c778616bcd2dc34546058f3498

If you want to provide feedback or discuss any of the V2.1 features, please post it on our User Bulletin Board for ACC. Please take care to always add the version you are referring to (e.g. “[2.1] Global Objects Push…”). For feedback on our documentation (Online Help) please send it to

There is also a demo server which runs the latest version of ACC at:

Your Astaro Product Management Team


You Can Learn More About the Astaro Internet Security Product Line By Going to

The original article/video can be found at Astaro Command Center 2.1 GA Released

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