Astaro actively supports underprivileged children

UNSERE KLEINEN BRÜDER UND SCHWESTERN E.V., which translates as “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”, is an internationally active children's fund which operates in Latin America. The organization works to support needy, disadvantaged and abandoned children, teenagers and young adults.

Employees and partners on-site install children's villages in which the girls and boys live like in an extended family. They care for the integral development of the children in their homes, schools, training centers, medical and agricultural institutions as well as other programs. At present, about 3,500 children live in 9 orphanages in Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Bolivia. In addition, the fund supports the poorest children in the slums of its neighborhood. Annually, about 40,000 needy children are given the chance of a better future.

All those involved in the project fight daily to cater for the needs of so many children, which is a difficult and strenuous task. Thus, the organization constantly looks for donations via their website ( and we are impressed that 100% of all donations reach their objective! We at Astaro are touched not only by the plight of these underprivileged children, but also by those who work with the project to make a difference. We have contributed to the organization by supplying a free Full Guard bundle to protect them against all Internet-based threats.

We wish “Our Little Brothers and Sisters” not only a secure and protected year, but also a lot of fun!


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