Got enough bandwidth for tomorrow? Ensure that through Capacity Planning

When enterprises plan their growth, ensuring sufficient room
for infrastructure and budget is very essential. This covers every aspect
ranging from capital to bandwidth to resource allocation. And our focus will be on bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a very critical element as far as network is
concerned because, for running a bandwidth hogs could lead to critical
resources not being available when they are the most needed and that would result
in slogging of applications as well as employees.

Under normal circumstances, bandwidth availability is good
enough to sustain business critical applications and we have ways of curtailing
bandwidth usage for unnecessary applications during business hours. But, when
it comes to expansion of the network, there would be a proportionate rise in
the number of applications that consume bandwidth. And in all probability,
there would be tough competition among very similar business critical
applications to utilize the limited amount of available bandwidth. In this
scenario, it is more like a war-of-the-worlds situation and when other
bandwidth consuming applications that aren

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