ASG Software V7 Feature Request Survey

On behalf of Astaro's product management group I invite you to fill out an on-line survey form giving us your input on new features that you would like to see in Astaro Security Gateway Software V7 We would very much appreciate your input, because it will help us deliver software that provides the best value to our customers.

This questionnaire will probably take you about an hour to complete. It has been set up in the format of the “Astaro Security Gateway Feature Store” where you have 55 “Astaro Units” to spend on the new capabilities that you think would make the most important additions to our software. We would appreciate it if you could give careful thought about which features you would most like to see.

You can access the survey form at:
username: survey
password: V7work

If you have time, we would appreciate getting your feedback by the end of the year. You can ask someone else in your organization to complete this survey, but please treat this as confidential and do not send the link outside of your company.

If you have any ideas or requests that are not on the survey, please feel free to include them in the two comment fields at the bottom of the form.


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